League of Legends Ranked 3v3 – Picks, Bans, and more

League of Legends Ranked 3v3 – Picks, Bans, and more


If you haven’t read the first entry in this series, covering the basics of ranked 3v3, then head this way to check it out!


If you have played League of Legends to any extent, or watched high-level LoL play, then you’ll know how important the pick/ban phase is. Sometimes, the match can be completely decided from this phase; if your composition idea has been completely shut out or the enemy counters you so hard that you have no hope of victory. My point is, this phase is just as important as playing the actual game itself. That said, whilst there are always safe bans that you can make if a champion is particularly OP this patch, there is no right way to make bans.


A lot of the mentality of the pick/ban phase is to take out some of the ridiculous power picks that each patch brings to the forefront, but still trying to sneak through your own power pick or two, and making sure your team synergises well and can effectively counter a member of the enemy team. It’s tricky, and something that nobody can ever perfect, but if you’re happy with one or two picks, then you generally did a good job.


The most important thing when banning is to consider who YOU think is the most important ban for your team. This could be because of personal gripes with the champion (I cannot for the life of me play against Darius), or because the champion is strong in general. After considering the most important bans, rank them from the most important to least important and then ban them in order of least to most. By banning your least important champions first, there is a chance that the enemy team will ban the champion instead, essentially giving you a free ban on a champion you didn’t want to see in the game anyway.


Once you’ve finished banning, check out what power picks are still available. It’s important to not just grab all the power picks on your team, because then you might not have any semblance of a team composition; think about what will go well together and pick a composition based on this. For example, Yasuo is considered by many as a powerful pick who works well on his own, but when combined with a hard-CC knockup champion, like nautilus, his power increases dramatically. It’s stuff like this you need to keep your eye out for and to make your picks accordingly.


I can’t say what bans are strong at the moment you’re reading, as champion strengths change with each patch, but some all-round good bans for this mode (at least in season 7) would be Graves, Taric, Brand, and Nautilus – to name a few. The folks over at The Shadow Isles have put together a handy 3v3 tier list, if you’re struggling to come up with bans yourself.


So, there you have it: some handy advice for picks/bans in ranked 3v3 League of Legends. After this is just gameplay – something you’ll have to handle yourself. That’s it for guides, but next up in this series, I’ll talk a little about 3v3 and what makes people like the mode so much. Let me know what you think!

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